Mexico's solution to the Covid-19 educational crisis: Put school on television

At the Benito Juárez elementary school in the community of Ahuelicán at Guerrero state, Mexico, cleaning days are organized by parents while they wait for classes to resume.

Mexico City (CNN)The Jiménez family have their morning routine down to a science. Or at least, they used to.

Get up early, shower, and sit at the table for a quick desayuno of bread with jam, some cookies, and either coffee or tea for the grownups. "I miss this, the waking up routine, always in a rush," said Mariana Yoko Jiménez Arzate, resident mom and conductor of this early morning orchestra, knowing that this year will be different.
The normal post-breakfast step is a mad dash to school a few blocks away. But the 2020 version of that dash will end just 10 feet away, in the living room of the apartment in Mexico City's Moctezuma neighborhood. That's where both Jiménez kids will do most of their learning this semester -- by watching TV.
    "It's good we're still having class," said Mariana's 12-year-old daughter Giselle. "But I'm sad because I was going to start high school and meet new people."
      The Jiménez family and friends at home.

      The great educational dilemma