Teacher donates a kidney to her student's mother. Now both women are hoping to find a kidney for a neighbor

Teacher Misty Byrd said she had a "strong sense of peace" about donating a kidney to Shannon Croney, the mother of one of her students.

(CNN)When Missouri art teacher Misty Byrd learned that the mother of one of her students needed a new kidney, she said she didn't even think about it -- she picked up the phone and offered hers. After a successful transplant and developing a close friendship, both women are now working to find a kidney for a local father who is waiting on the transplant list.

Byrd, 41, is in her eighth year of teaching at Wilder Elementary in Mansfield, where she taught fifth grader Fisher Croney every year since he was in kindergarten. Fisher stood out by helping in Byrd's classroom whenever he had free time after recess.