'Reassuring' study finds children have small risk of death and severe illness from coronavirus

Children maintain social distancing measures in a London school playground in June 2020.

(CNN)Severe illness and death remain rare in children with Covid-19, a new study suggests, while disparities do appear in kids who may require critical care or suffer complications.

Pediatricians described the findings as reassuring as children accounted for fewer than 1% of some coronavirus cases in England, Wales and Scotland; and only 1% of those children died, the researchers reported.
The researchers -- from various UK institutions -- analyzed data on 651 Covid-19 patients under the age of 19 who were admitted to 138 hospitals across England, Scotland and Wales between January and July. These young patients accounted for 0.9% of all patients in those hospitals at the time, the researchers noted.
    Six of those young patients -- or 1% -- died in hospital. In comparison, 27% of Covid-19 patients of all ages died over the same time period, the researchers noted in their study, published in the British medical journal BMJ on Thursday.
    Overall, 18% of the young patients needed critical care and "Black ethnicity was significantly associated with admission to critical care," the researchers noted.