The crazy-but-true story of a WWII fighter pilot who said his artificial legs saved his life

Fighter pilot Douglas Bader lifts his artificial leg to get into a Spitfire fighter ready to lead a flight over London in 1945, commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

(CNN)This could be one of the most bizarre "Jeopardy!" clues ever:

Category: British heroes
Clue: World War II fighter ace who once had his prosthetic legs stolen by a young Richard Branson
    Answer: "Who is Douglas Bader?"
    Branson, founder of the Virgin Group of companies, revealed this mischievous interaction with Bader in a podcast honoring the war hero for the Royal Air Force Museum. The billionaire business mogul met Bader as a child when the famous pilot visited Branson's aunt, a close friend of his, years after World War II.
    "I can always remember this very strong two-armed man dragging himself across the lawn after me to grab me and grab his legs back," Branson recounted in the podcast. "(He was) somebody that all of us young people after the war looked up to and respected, and was a great hero of mine."
    British fighter pilot Douglas Bader pictured on his plane in October 1940.