French prosecutor opens official investigation into magazine's portrayal of Black lawmaker as slave

Daniele Obono is a left-wing member of the National Assembly.

(CNN)The Paris prosecutor's office has opened an investigation over illustrations in a right-wing magazine that portrayed Black politician Danièle Obono as an 18th-century slave.

The article in the magazine Valeurs Actuelles, entitled "Danièle Obono in the Age of Slavery," is a fictional account of Obono's return to 18th-century Africa. The magazine included illustrations depicting Obono with chains around her neck.
The article's publication prompted immediate and significant backlash from France's political class.
    "Following the publication on 27 August 2020 of the article entitled "Obono l'Africaine" in the newspaper Valeurs Actuelles, the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office today opened a investigation of the charge of racist insults," the office said in a statement Monday.
    The probe will be led by a unit from the regional directorate of Paris' judicial police. Racially insulting a person is punishable by law in France. The penalty for those convicted of racist slander is a jail sentence of up to a year and a 45,000 euro fine.