Miami Dolphins say they'll stay in locker room for NFL National Anthem. 'We don't need another publicity parade'

    (CNN)Members of the Miami Dolphins say they will "stay inside" for both "The Star-Spangled Banner" and the "Lift Every Voice and Sing" -- known as the Black National Anthem -- before their game against the New England Patriots Sunday.

    The powerful video, posted on Twitter Thursday, was over two minutes long and featured players who each spoke a line about why they decided to sit out the anthems.
    "If we could just right our wrongs, we wouldn't need two songs."
      "We don't need another publicity parade."
      "We need changed hearts, not just a response to pressure."
      The video came as the NFL kicked off its 2020 season -- one vastly different from seasons past. For one, as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, stands this year will be almost empty. There will also be a new emphasis on social justice, following a summer of unrest after the killing of George Floyd and other Black Americans at