Greek police fire tear gas at protesting migrants on Lesbos

Refugees and migrants flee as tear gas is fired by riot police during clashes on Lesbos on September 12.

Lesbos, Greece (CNN)Police on the Greek island of Lesbos fired tear gas at a group of migrants on Saturday protesting against a new camp being set up to replace one destroyed this week by fire, according to police.

Migrants had been protesting along the main road connecting the island town of Mytilene and the location of the new camp, which is due to be set up by the authorities after the Moria camp was razed earlier this week.
Greek police confirmed the use of tear gas to disperse protesters, saying Saturday, "Small scale clashes between police and protesting migrants took place earlier today."
    About 300 migrants were rehoused to a new camp Saturday, police said.
      A journalist on the ground said the migrants were frustrated with being in refugee camps and want to leave the island, but the Greek government said on Friday they would "not be blackmailed" into relocating them.
      Greek authorities said the fires at Moria appeared to have been deliberately lit after quarantine rules were imposed on residents who had tested positive for coronavirus at Europe's largest refugee camp.
      One protester had been affected by the teargas and was shouting angrily about her treatment in the camp.