This family left their Oregon home as a precaution. They returned to find it destroyed

Several homes were destroyed by the Beachie Creek Fire east of Salem.

(CNN)Cody Moss was at his home in Talent, Oregon, with his pregnant wife and daughter last week when they saw smoke in the sky.

They didn't think the fire was close to their home, but they decided to leave as a precaution. They hopped in one of their two cars and took the clothes on their back, expecting to return later in the day. But when they returned, their home had burned to the ground. Everything was gone.
"If you would have told me weeks ago that I would lose everything, I wouldn't have believed it," he told CNN.
Still, his family is safe, and he said people have rallied around him by donating thousands to a GoFundMe and sending his daughter toys.
"It is something to lose so much and gain so much love at the same time," he said.
The cities of Talent and Phoenix were both substantially destroyed by fires last week as wildfires have burned more than 900,000 acres in Oregon, killed at least 10 people, destroyed hundreds of homes and dirtying the air for millions of residents, turning much of the West Coast's skies a foreboding orange.
In all, firefighters are battling at least 13 large wildfires in the state, according to the National Interagency Fire Center's update Sunday.
Twenty-two people are listed as missing, Emergency Management Director Andrew Phelps said Monday.
"If you're concerned for missing family, please report that concern to the local law enforcement entity," Phelps added.
He encouraged people who are evacuating to register with the American Red Cross so officials know they are safe.

Woman returns to find destroyed houses

Patti Candell says she was amazed to find her house still standing when she returned to Mehama, one of many Oregon towns under evacuation orders as deadly wildfires continue to ravage the state.
The Beachie Creek Fire, which Candell and her husband fled last week, has killed at least four people, burned more than 190,000 acres and is 0% contained, according to the State of Oregon Fires dashboard website.
Most of the houses surrounding Candell's were destroyed.
"It's just, you know, devastating, devastating," she said.
Marion County resident Patti Candell  returned to her home in an evacuation zone.
Candell said she returned to her home to feed her cows and sheep and found that her horse stable and barn were destroyed, but her animals were alive.
"The barn is, well it's back there, you can see just that pile of white stuff. It's there, it's a big, huge 30-by-48 (foot) horse barn, three stalls and all that fun stuff. And yeah, it was wiped out," Candell told CNN on Sunday.
Her house is one