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Trump surprises crowd with drive-by outside Walter Reed
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President Trump’s physicians are giving him several different treatments – including investigational drugs – in the hope of relieving his Covid-19 symptoms and possibly shorten his course of illness.

As some experts put it, doctors are throwing “the kitchen sink” at him.

While many questions remain about the President’s condition and when he was first diagnosed with the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, here is what has been revealed so far about what he was been treated with – and when.

Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody therapy

On Friday afternoon, the White House said in a letter that President Donald Trump was treated with an 8-gram dose of the experimental antibody therapy cocktail made by the biotechnology company Regeneron.

To make its monoclonal antibody therapy, Regeneron scientists selected two antibodies that best neutralized a version of the novel coronavirus in the lab. Antibodies are proteins the body makes to fight infection. The scientists copied those two antibodies to make a treatment for Covid-19.

The investigational cocktail, known by its investigational name REGN-COV2, has been in clinical trials since June. On Tuesday, the company announced early data from a trial with 275 non-hospitalized patients showing the treatment was safe and seemed to reduce viral levels and improve symptoms. The data, issued via news release, have not been peer-reviewed.

The greatest improvements were seen in patients who had not mounted a natural response to the coronavirus infection.