This survivor may have had Covid-19 twice

"This thing is no joke," Jordan Josey, 29, of Macon, Georgia, said of Covid-19.

(CNN)Covid-19 first struck Jordan Josey around St. Patrick's Day, right as social distancing guidelines were rolling out across the country.

The 29-year-old lawyer from Macon, Georgia, was sick through Easter, before eventually clearing the coronavirus, developing antibodies and gradually building up his stamina again by early May.
He donated convalescent plasma on May 18 and received a letter two weeks later confirming that he was positive for coronavirus antibodies. A swab test around that time came back negative for the virus itself.
    Life felt like it was returning to normal. He started jogging again and by late June, he felt confident enough to visit his family in South Carolina, where they played tennis and ventured out on a lake in a boat.
    But then inexplicably he came down with Covid-19 symptoms again just before the Fourth of July.