Dozens hospitalized after fire engulfs 33-story apartment building in South Korea

An apartment building is engulfed in a fire in Ulsan, South Korea, on October 9.

(CNN)Dozens were hospitalized in the South Korean city of Ulsan, after a fire engulfed multiple floors of an apartment building late Thursday night.

The fire broke out at the 33-story building around 11 p.m., and continued burning through Friday morning, authorities told CNN. Photos of the scene show black smoke billowing above the building, and blackened debris scattered along the street.
There have been no deaths reported so far. 91 people were sent to hospital for minor injuries such as smoke inhalation and abrasions, according to the Ulsan Fire Department.
    77 people were rescued from the building, and another 82 were evacuated to a nearby hotel, according to the country's Ministry of the Interior and Safety.
      The fire broke out at an apartment building in Ulsan, South Korea, on October 9.
      Ulsan is located on South Korea's southeast coast, near the city of Busan.
      The first emergency call was made by a resident on the 12th floor, but it's not clear where the blaze started and what caused it, said the fire department. The Ministry said it appears to have spread from one of the lower floors up to the top floor, burning the building's outer wall.
      Authorities said the fire department's quick response was likely why there weren't major casualties; firefighters arrived at the building five minutes after receiving the first call.
      More than 1,000 personnel were deployed, said the fire department, including 930 firefighters and 75 other emergency responders.
      Strong winds fanned the flames and made it difficult to completely extinguish the fire, with embers fl