Iran's legendary classical singer and composer Mohammad-Reza Shajarian dies

Iran's greatest master of Persian classical music Mohammad Reza Shajarian, middle, performs with Mojgan Shajarian, 2nd left, and Majid Derakhshani composer, 2nd right, during a concert with Shahnaz Ensemble band in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011.

(CNN)Iranians around the world flooded their social media accounts with tributes, songs and poetry dedicated to legendary Iranian singer and composer Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, who died from complications due to a long standing battle with kidney cancer on Thursday.

"Our nightingale has flown to another tree," Iranian-American U.S. based musician Farid Shafinury said about Shajarian's passing in an Instagram post.
Video posted to Twitter shows hundreds of fans gathered in front of Jam Hospital in Tehran where Shajarian was hospitalized earlier this week, defying a partial lockdown order imposed on Tehran after it was reported that Iran had recorded the highest daily coronavirus count since the start of the pandemic.
    Iranian women hold candles as they gather in front of the Jam hospital in central Tehran.