Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's car vandalized by protesters

Protesters doused Morrison's car and a building in red liquid, CNN affiliate 7 news reported.

(CNN)Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was targeted with tomatoes and fake blood, and his car was vandalized by protesters during a visit to the University of Queensland on Monday, CNN affiliates 9 News and 7 News reported.

Morrison was visiting the university's vaccine development center, where work on a Covid-19 vaccine is ongoing, when he was targeted by protesters who doused his car and a building in red liquid, CNN affiliate 7 news reported.
Morrison was escorted from the protest after becoming trapped in a campus building, while protesters -- who were demonstrating to raise awareness of Australia's refugee detention -- threw red paint and tomatoes, according to CNN affiliate 9 News.
    Protesters from the Refugee Solidarity Meanjin community group said in a statement that they were protesting the detention of refugees and asylum seekers in Australian immigration custody.
    A security guard stands by a door smeared with fake blood and tomatoes by protesters at the University of Queensland.
    "We were there to protest the indefinite detention of people just looking for a safe place to live," a spokesperson for Refugee Solidarity Meanjin told CNN.
    "Yes we stalked the Prime Minister, yes we waited until he got in the building and then locked him in, yes we threw blood on his car, across the doors of the building, and threw blood-covered tomatoes and brussels sprouts at his head as he fled through the back door," the group said in a statement posted to Facebook.
    "Get it right: people in cages are begging to be released af