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They are all nervous.

Hollie Geitner fidgets with her coffee on a brisk and foggy fall morning. Joan Smeltzer shifts in her seat, adjusting her shirt as the breeze rolls through her backyard. Julie Brady smokes one last hand-rolled cigarette, playing with the case adorned with the American flag to calm her nerves.

They are all nervous because of what they are about to discuss. They haven’t really talked about it in such a public way.

“I wasn’t ready to say to anybody, even my own husband, I’m not voting for him again. But I, I obviously am saying that now,” Geitner said.

“My husband and his whole family are Trump supporters. So, I’m kind of in the minority,” Brady said.

These women voted for Donald Trump in 2016. They are part of the 50% of white women in Pennsylvania who exit polls showed helped Trump flip the state four years ago. They also now represent the uphill battle the President faces in the battleground state this year because they are the Trump supporters the President has lost. They’re disillusioned by behavior they describe as bullying, by the lack of empathy he has shown and most especially by his failures to prepare and level with the nation about coronavirus.

The President's handling of the pandemic was the final straw for Julie Brady, 51, a registered Democrat who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and now plans to vote for Joe Biden.

“I got it wrong. And it hurts my heart. I mean, it truly hurts my heart,” said Joan Smeltzer, Brady’s sister. “I feel like I’ve been duped. I really do. I wanted to believe that he was better than he is.”

“I think I liked the idea that he was a little hardcore. He wasn’t going to put up with anybody’s nonsense. I felt like he would never let anyone walk all over us,” recalls Brady. Now four years later she describes the President in very different terms. “I think he’s a bully,” she says. “He represents everything that I don’t want my children to grow up to be.”

Smeltzer and Brady, both registered Democrats, live in Westmoreland County in the southwestern part of the state, in what is considered Trump country. They are the exact voters the President has been targeting for months now with a campaign message of “law and order.”

The voters Trump targets with tweets like “The Suburban Housewives of America…Biden will destroy your neighborhood and your American Dream. I will preserve it, and make it even better.”

When asked about that message, both sisters roll their eyes.

“At the time, I laughed,” Smeltzer said. “It irritates me that he thinks that I and other people like me are stupid enough to believe that. It’s insulting.”

Joan Smeltzer, 55, lives in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, where Trump won 64.01% of the vote in 2016. Today, Smeltzer says she "got it wrong" voting for Trump and her "heart hurts" because of it.