Girls who can build things

Updated 1314 GMT (2114 HKT) October 13, 2020
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Carolyn, 13, said building makes her feel focused. "I can't really do two things when I'm building -- I gotta kind of tune into building. I like that." Kelsey Brunner
Attalia, 11, said, "I really like using the chop saw and the drills, along with the other stuff when I get to build." Ashley Crenshaw
Gabii, 8, said, "Building makes me feel like I can do whatever I want, because I can do whatever I want. I can be creative in my own way, and I can just do anything." Emily Kask
Harley, 13, likes to build things because it's fun and it makes her feel happy. Heather Binns
Sofia, 9, shown here making a copper stool, said building makes her feel "proud of myself." Sara Richardson
Azi, 9, said, "Building doesn't have to be perfect, but it's always inspiring. You can always do it over or change something as you go." Heather Binns
Kaleah, 11, said her first project was a mini bookshelf for her aunt and uncle. "Building makes me feel like the person who I was meant to be." Heather Binns
Anfal, 8, builds things "Because building is fun and I wanted to do it again after I got to do it at school. ... It is fun to use the wrenches. You get to make cool stuff." Jan Sonnenmair
Suchitra, 14, first built bookshelves with her grandpa. "I build because I enjoy working with my hands and tools. I also feel happy to work with
other people."
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Bella, 12, said, "Building makes me feel like I can do anything that comes my way." Whitney Fox