Perovskites could revolutionize solar power

Updated 0906 GMT (1706 HKT) October 22, 2020
Henry and Chris Oxford PVHenry and Chris Oxford PV
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Henry Snaith, left, and Christopher Case, of UK company Oxford PV, which is working with perovskite to generate solar energy. Case says the material is "the most significant development in solar photovoltaics in 65 years."
A tube of Oxford PV's perovskite material, which is synthesized from materials that are abundant in the Earth's crust. CNN
Because perovskite solar cells work better than silicon in low light, Poland-based Saule Technologies says semi-transparent cells could be clad on buildings in built up areas, as in this rendering.
courtesy Saule Technologies
The team at Saule Technologies with their highly flexible perovskite material. CNN
As the technology develops, perovskite could be printed onto flexible rolls, and wrapped around buildings. courtesy Saule Technologies
Saule predicts that perovskite solar cells could eventually be integrated into street furniture, where they could power street lights and charge electronic devices. courtesy Saule Technologies
Saule Technologies uses an inkjet printer to make its perovskite solar cells. courtesy Saule Technologies
Their light weight means they have the potential to be installed on rooftops more easily than silicon panels. courtesy Saule Technologies
California-based Swift Solar is working on incorporating its perovskite material into asphalt shingles, as in this rendering, which are used for roofing. courtesy Swift Solar
It says perovskite technology could eventually be incorporated into cars and planes. courtesy Swift Solar