The incident occurred at Brown County High School, in Nashville, Indiana.
CNN  — 

An Indiana school superintendent has apologized after a Black student was simply listed as “Black Guy” in a high school yearbook.

Laura Hammack, superintendent of Brown County Schools in the town of Nashville, Indiana, posted a video to Facebook on Monday afternoon addressing the incident.

“(The 2020 Brown County High School yearbook) has a truly incomprehensible statement included in it, and we are currently trying to better understand what that situation is all about,” Hammack said.

She told CNN that the words appeared with a photo of a Black student. According to CNN affiliate WRTV, the description was in a caption beneath a photo of members of a school basketball team.

The superintendent gave no further details, saying an investigation is ongoing and that the situation is a “clear” violation of the district’s nondiscrimination policy.

Once the investigation is complete, Hammack said consequences would be given. And as for the yearbook, she said the district is exploring options to reprint the book, with the district taking on the added cost.

Laura Hammack, superintendent of Brown County Schools, addresses the incident in a Facebook video.

“This has been a hard day, but what is most important is that this has been a really hard day for a student and for a family, and we will work hard to make sure that a student and a family who are experiencing what they’re experiencing today don’t need to experience the same feelings moving forward,” she said in the video. “I just commit to our school community that we will be relentless in making this right and making this a moment that we can certainly look back on and one day say we’re doing better.”

The Brown County High School yearbook is put together every year by the yearbook class, but Hammack said it was still unclear how the labeling occurred.

Brown County High School, as of the 2019-20 school year, had 577 students – 92.2% of whom are White, according to state data.