Breaking up in the time of Covid-19 brings new challenges

During a divorce, individual counseling and hiring a mediator can help pave an easier path to resolution, attorneys specializing in family law say.

(CNN)There comes a moment in many relationships where the partnership is no longer viable, and where separation — or, for married couples, divorce — is the unavoidable next step.

And while divorcing or going separate ways is rarely easy, couples dissolving their households during Covid-19 are facing new woes.
The jury is still out regarding spiking divorce numbers as a result of the pandemic. But without a doubt, for many people, relationships — not to mention sex — have become more complicated in 2020.
When it's a case of emotional or physical abuse, the right time to get out of marriage or a relationship is always right now.
For marriages and relationships involving the usual strife, the stress of job losses, shared housing, co-parenting and health insurance worries have been exacerbated by the pandemic. That has couples weighing when (not to mention if) it's the right time to bow out.

For many couples — married or not — the time is now