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This company is giving away bacon-scented face masks
02:00 - Source: CNN
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Bacon makes everything taste better, but does it make everything smell better?

Hormel, the food company typically known for its pre-packaged meat, is putting that theory to the test with its “Breathable Bacon” face mask.

Yes, you read that right: Hormel makes a bacon-scented face mask. This is right up Homer Simpson’s alley, no doubt.

There may be few better ways to wake up than to the smell of bacon, but constantly breathing in that smell could be a little overwhelming when wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time.

bacon face mask

“We’re continually focused on innovation – from new products, to marketing and distribution – all in an effort to deliver new and exciting ways to experience and enjoy Black Label Bacon,” Hormel senior brand manager Nick Schweitzer said in a news release.

“In 2020, that means connecting everyone’s favorite bacon scent to the year’s ‘it’ accessory, and in doing so, bring Black Label Bacon closer to our fans.”

Through October 28, you can visit Hormel’s website to sign up for a chance to win a free, limited-edition package of “Breathable Bacon.” Hormel will also be donating one meal to Feeding America for every request made, up to 10,000 meals.