New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones tackled by the turf after 80-yard run

    Jones rushes in the second half during the game against the Eagles.

    (CNN)Having left all opposing 11 defenders in his wake, sprinted 80 yards and with just the open field between him and a touchdown, Daniel Jones must have already been thinking of his celebration.

    But not watching out for "The Turf Monster", as Fox Sport's Troy Aikman called it, proved to be the 23-year-old's downfall.
    With no one between him and an 87-yard touchdown, the New York Giants quarterback tripped on the turf of the Philadelphia Eagles' Lincoln Financial Field midway through the third quarter at the 8-yard line.
      "I just ... I don't know ... I tried to run faster than I was running and I got caught up," Jones told after the game. "We finished the drive and scored a touchdown. That was a relief."
      And although his show of supreme athleticism sparked a stuttering Giants offence into life, Jones' unfortunate stumble was the subject of ridicule from teammates on the sidelines.
      As the replay of his despairing trip played on the big screen in the stadium, Giants linebacker Carter Coughlin and defensive lineman Leonard Williams were seen pointing and laughing as Jones fell to the floor.
      Even though the Giants went on to score their second touchdown of the evening just a few plays later, it didn't stop other NFL players from having fun with the incident on social media.
      Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs said: "He tripped the same way people do in scary movies when they running from the villain/bad guy."