El Paso crosses another Covid-19 record as the children's hospital takes on extra patients

A nurse pulls out a testing swab at a newly opened mega Covid-19 drive-thru site in El Paso.

(CNN)First, funeral homes had to bring in extra refrigeration for the new coronavirus surge.

Then El Paso County enacted a curfew to try to limit the virus's spread.
Now, El Paso has surpassed its record-high number of new cases, with at least 1,559 infections reported Sunday.
And a local children's hospital is taking in patients from the overwhelmed University Medical Center of El Paso, which is struggling to keep up with the Covid-19 surge.
"We are overwhelmed with patients at this point," UMC spokesman Ryan Mielke said Monday. "However, we have a strong partnership with El Paso Children's Hospital."
Mielke said the 9th floor of Children's is open for non-coronavirus patients from UMC, and the transfers have already started.
Mielke said his hospital has received more than 100 additional medical staff and has set up emergency isolation tents in the parking lots wh