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Obama calls Biden 'scrappy kid from Scranton'
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Joe Biden’s presidential campaign will air a new campaign ad featuring Bruce Springsteen during Saturday night’s nationally televised game between Ohio State and Penn State on ABC, a Biden aide told CNN.

The 60-second ad – titled “Hometown” and featuring Springsteen’s song “My Hometown” from his 1984 album “Born In The U.S.A.” – includes the Boss touting Biden’s ties to Scranton, Pennsylvania, the former vice president’s hometown.

“Scranton, Pennsylvania. Here, success isn’t handed down,” Springsteen says in the ad hoping to appeal to working class voters. “It’s forged with sweat, grit, and determination. This is his hometown.”

The ad alludes to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, showing footage of Biden, first responders and restaurant workers all with masks.

“In Scranton, good times aren’t promised, but here and in towns across America, times are harder than they ought to be. Lives on pause, dreams on hold, futures in doubt,” Springsteen says.

The ad also features Biden walking up to his childhood home in Scranton.

“(Biden’s) running to change that, to give working people the shot they deserve. An honest living for honest work and a little peace of mind at the end of the day. Because this place stays with him, these streets are part of him. This is more than where he’s from, it is who he is for,” Springsteen says.

The campaign did not disclose how much was spent on Saturday night’s spot.

This is the latest in a series of ads the Biden campaign has placed in the closing weeks of the campaign on some of the most popular real estate in television.

The campaign also aired ads during National Football League games and the MLB World Series, including an ad narrated by actor Sam Elliott and another by actor Brad Pitt.

CNN’s Sarah Mucha contributed to this report.