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Just as the United States reported the highest number of new cases in any country in a single day — a record previously held by India — President Donald Trump took his feud with Dr. Anthony Fauci to a whole new level, suggesting he might fire the nation’s top infectious disease expert after the election.

The pandemic is undeniably getting worse in the US. At least 31 states reported at least one record-high day of new coronavirus cases in October, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Nearly 50,000 Americans are currently hospitalized with the virus.

But while Fauci tells it as it is, Trump continues to downplay the epidemic by lashing out at doctors, disputing science and attacking the press for highlighting rising coronavirus case counts.

The long-running rift between the White House and Fauci burst into the open this weekend. In an interview published by The Washington Post on Saturday, Fauci criticized the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic, including Dr. Scott Atlas, who the President has relied on for advice on handling the coronavirus.

“All the stars are aligned in the wrong place” as the country heads indoors in colder weather, Fauci said. “You could not possibly be positioned more poorly.”

More than 100 million voters have already cast their ballots in today’s US election, held in the shadow of a pandemic that has infected more than 9.2 million people in the country. The US has been battered by relentless surges of Covid-19 and the election has partly turned into a referendum on President Donald Trump’s handling of the outbreak.


Q: Can you vote in person if you are currently recovering from Covid-19 or quarantining from being exposed to the virus?

A: Yes, says the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in an email to CNN. “CDC’s recommendations for isolating someone who has Covid-19 or quarantining someone who was in close contact with a person with Covid-19 would not preclude them from exercising their right to vote,” a CDC spokesperson wrote Monday.

Face shields worn in addition to masks can provide an added layer of protection and can also help people stop touching their faces.

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England joins France and Germany in lockdown

England will go into a second national lockdown on Thursday after spiking infections forced British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to give up on his desire to control the virus through piecemeal local restrictions.

Johnson is expected to tell Parliament on Monday that coronavirus deaths in the winter could be twice as high as during the first wave of the outbreak. But for many, the action came too late — the government’s scientific experts suggested in September more measures were needed.

Pregnant women with Covid-19 face higher risk of death, study says

Slovakia tests half its population in one day

Around 2.58 million Slovaks – half the country – were tested on the first day of nationwide coronavirus testing on Saturday. Of those tested, 25,850 – roughly 1% – tested positive for the virus.

Hundreds arrested at anti-lockdown protest

The ‘dose’ of Covid you get may determine how sick you get

The difference between being asymptomatic, getting mildly sick or becoming critically ill could be down to the “dose” of the virus you receive. It’s not because you need a certain number of particles of virus to infect a cell. It just increases the odds that one of those viral particles will make it into the cell and infect it, setting off the chain reaction, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Andrea Kane explain.

There’s another dimension to viral dose and it has to do with time. It’s not the dose of the virus you get simply at one point in time that matters; it may also be the sum of viral doses you get over a certain period of time.



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10 tips for voting safely in person on Election Day


“It’s sort of like you’re exercising the art of being human. So just be human.” – Jeff Warren, author and meditation teacher

The stress of the pandemic is getting to us, and today’s election is only heightening the anxiety for some. On today’s podcast, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta shares some tips for coping. Listen Now.