El Paso, Texas, is asking for 4 more mobile morgues as Covid-19 deaths spike

El Paso County had to up morgue capacity to keep up with Covid-19 deaths.

(CNN)Despite new measures aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 in El Paso, Texas, the community remains one of the hardest hit across the country, with soaring infections and hospitalizations that continue to climb.

County Judge Ricardo Samaniego said the county has requested four more trailers in addition to the six mobile morgues already on the ground to handle a spike in deaths.
"It may be as much as 20 per day the next two to three weeks. There might be more and more an incline of deaths," Samaniego told CNN affiliate KFOX.
That's as county leaders have already been working with funeral homes and mortuaries on fatality management and government forces have arranged to begin assisting area hospitals, according to Assistant Fire Chief Jorge Rodriguez of the El Paso Office of Emergency Management.
The state also sent nearly 1,400 personnel to assist hospitals in the area, and an alternate care site at the El Paso convention center is also up and running and currently treating about 40 patients. Another 56 ICU patients had to be air-evacuated to other facilities in New Mexico and Texas, Rodriguez said.
In late October, Samaniego ordered a two-week shutdown of nonessential services, saying the community had never seen "this level of infections." The measure faced backlash from state officials, with the state's attorney general filing a motion for a temporary injunction to stop the judge's "unlawful lockdown order" and the governor calling the measure illegal.
That order is set to expire Wednesday, but unless local hospitals recover from the surge of patients in the next few days, Samaniego told KFOX he's planning on extending it.
"The hospitals are still not manageable. We're having an inability to manage fatalities," he told the affiliate. "It leaves me no choice but to lean towards an extension of the order."

'We're just exhausted'

There are more than 26,000 active Covid-19 cases in El Paso and at least 1,028 people hospitalized, according to the city's Covid-19 dashboard.
Hospital workers who are battling the crisis on the front lines say they've been overwhelmed.
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