Johnson has mismanaged Covid, Brexit and the economy. Now his inner circle is falling out

Boris Johnson's top political adviser, Dominic Cummings, arrives at Downing Street on Friday.

London (CNN)The UK is deep in its second wave of Covid-19 at the same time as Brexit enters its final act. This might seem enough to keep its leadership occupied.

But the government of Boris Johnson is now engulfed in a political power struggle that is very publicly playing out on the newspaper front pages -- and could, some Conservatives hope, signal a shift in influence on the Prime Minister.
Late on Wednesday, Johnson's director of communications, Lee Cain, resigned from his post. Two days later, it appears that the Prime Minister's chief adviser Dominic Cummings -- a divisive figure often painted as the mastermind behind the Brexit campaign and Johnson's premiership -- may be gone by Christmas.
    The political storm surrounding Johnson and his team of advisers first broke on the same day that the UK's coronavirus death toll passed the eyewatering 50,000 figure.
    Johnson's political advisers briefed Westminster journalists Wednesday evening that Cain, one of the PM's closest political allies, had resigned from his job. Downing Street had spent the day fielding complaints from Conservative lawmakers who were alarmed at news reports suggesting that Cain was set to be promoted to Johnson's chief of staff.