Dozens wounded in Peru as protesters and police clash amid political crisis

The crisis was precipitated by the ousting of former Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra.

(CNN)At least 27 people have been wounded in clashes between police and protestors as thousands of Peruvians took to the streets to demonstrate against the dismissal of President Martin Vizcarra, police and rights groups said on Friday.

The unrest over the last four nights, and other more peaceful protests in the capital Lima and other cities, are piling pressure on a fragmented Congress and the new government of President Manuel Merino.
On Thursday night, police used tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters, some of whom threw rocks at police and destroyed store windows and cash machines. The demonstrations were among the largest in two decades in Peru.
    Vizcarra, a politically unaffiliated centrist who is popular with voters, was ousted on Monday in an impeachment trial over allegations he received bribes -- accusations he denies.
    Merino, a member of the center-right Popular Action party who had been the head of Congress, swore in his new cabinet on Thursday and called for calm.
    Peru's National Human Rights Coordinator said 11 people wounded on Thursday, including some journalists. A Lima hospital said at least two people had been injured by rubber bullets. Police put the number at 27, including injured officers.
    "All of Peru is fired up, we're all very angry," said Jose Vega, a protester in Lima.
    Riot police take positions during protests on November 12.
    Some carried banners comparing Merino to the coronavirus pandemic and saying he did not represent them.
    "They treat us poorly. We've only come to protest against injustice," Vega said. "We are all feeling pain. So, I'm saying to everyone let's not give up."
    Interior Minister Gastón Rodríguez denied reports that the police had used lethal weapons and said that they had only fired tear gas and rubber bullets when a protest had got out of hand.
    "The reaction of the police