Bring on the holiday cheer! Putting up holiday decor early can help boost your mental health

(CNN)The stress and anxiety caused by 2020 is no secret and people seem to be coping as best they can: many with the help of a little holiday decor.

But does all the seasonal glitter create a false sense of happiness or do the holidays really cheer us up?
According to research, the holiday spirit really does brighten our mood, and the simple reasons why can actually be used to help lift our attitude and mental health all year round.

    Twinkle lights and bright colors DO bring you joy

    One of the first things most think about when it comes to the holiday season is lights. Millions of lights are used to celebrate the holidays inside the home and through public displays -- and this sense of sparkle is just one reason joy is signaled by your brain.
    Introducing new sensory elements such as light, color and sound has the ability to boost our mental health and mood.
    Psychologist and author Deborah Serani who is a professor at Adelphi University, told CNN that even listening to a certain kind of music can have an effect on mental health.
    "We habituate ... you kind of get used to any setting you are in ... but when we introduce new things into our environment it stimulates our senses, and our senses ar