"I feel like there are a lot of changes for the better now that Kamala has been elected." -- Taylor, age 12

These girls see themselves in Kamala Harris

Updated 1326 GMT (2126 HKT) November 21, 2020

Kate T. Parker is a New York Times bestselling author/photographer of four books, including "Strong Is the New Pretty," "The Heart of a Boy," "Play Like a Girl" and the "Strong Is the New Pretty: A Guided Journal for Girls." She has been photographing the lives of girls since 2006. She lives with her two girls, husband and golden retrievers in Atlanta.

(CNN)When US Sen. Kamala Harris of California was elected as the next vice president of the United States, girls all over the country saw someone like themselves elected to the second-highest office in the country for the first time.

CNN asked photographer Kate T. Parker, who has been photographing the lives of girls since 2006, to interview some of her past and new subjects so they could share how they felt about Kamala Harris' barrier-breaking election.
"They see someone just like them," said Parker, who took these pictures the week after Election Day. "They see someone who is female, a child of immigrants, Black, South Asian and biracial -- just like them."
"They see someone who is determined and hardworking, someone who has to demand to be heard, just like them," she said. "They see what is possible for her and what that means for them.
"The collective dreams of a generation of girls just got a lot bigger."
Here are the words of 15 girls across the Atlanta metropolitan area who spoke to Parker, who always interviews girls using only their first names. Their conversations have been edited and condensed for clarity.