This Woody doll was left in the parking lot of The Home Depot in Plaistow, New Hampshire.
CNN  — 

Woody from “Toy Story” went off on another adventure, and this time he found a new job.

It started when a Home Depot employee in Plaistow, New Hampshire, found a Woody doll in the store parking lot last week.

A team member decided to post a photo of the toy doll on Facebook to help find its owner.

“My coworker thought it’d be funny to put an employee of the month apron on him, and upload it to Facebook. And we’ve been having fun with him ever since,” Sarah Hurberdeau, an associate at The Home Depot, told CNN.

Sarah Hurberdeau, an associate at The Home Depot,  helps reunite 2-year-old Desmond with his lost Woody doll.

The photos were a huge hit online.

“One customer even brought in a brand new Buzz Lightyear to keep Woody company,” Hurberdeau said.

The team’s plan worked, and Woody was reunited with his 2-year-old owner.

In addition to getting Woody back, the child took home a brand-new Buzz Lightyear as an added surprise.

“My job is done!” Herberdeau said. “Finding his home was the main goal and my heart is so full.”