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As Covid-19 cases surge throughout the country, no place has been immune from infection — including Capitol Hill. The spike in cases nationwide sees a parallel in Congress, with at least four members of the Senate and at least 20 members of the House of Representatives testing positive for coronavirus or for its antibodies after November 1.

Since the start of the pandemic, that brings the known count to 11 senators and 39 members of the House who have tested positive for coronavirus or for its antibodies. Included in that total are two members who were diagnosed in March as “presumed positive” before tests were widely available.

The 50 lawmakers come from 25 states and Puerto Rico and comprise 36 Republicans — nine in the Senate and 27 in the House — and 14 Democrats — two in the Senate and 12 in the House.

While some members of Congress likely were exposed to Covid-19 on Capitol Hill, many lawmakers have traveled between Washington, DC, and their home districts since the beginning of the pandemic. Many of these members of Congress were at home when they learned of their exposure after testing and could have contracted the virus in their home states.

CNN has been tracking the total cases, as well as new cases since November 1, and will continue to update our reporting if more members test positive.

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