50 op-eds that told the story of 2020

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(CNN)We thought it would never end. But finally...it did, and here we all are, saying goodbye to 2020. There is no denying how unrelentingly rough it was -- a jam-packed carnival of disaster. But it wasn't all bad -- no, really. There was much heartache and misery, but also great heroism and courage. The year that tested all humanity gave humanity a chance to show its brilliance, resilience and dignity.

Come take a deep breath and revisit the commentary of 2020 with us -- the lows and highs, the painful setbacks and the stubborn march toward progress. Where we were, and how far we've come. One more look back before we all buckle up for 2021.

Frida Ghitis: This is the bombshell Trump's team didn't want revealed

    Frida Ghitis
    January 3
      The praise or condemnation President Donald Trump is drawing for the latest US actions in the Middle East in no way diminishes the power of the legal bombshell that just exploded in the United States with new evidence of his behavior regarding Ukraine.
      Newly revealed documents paint an incriminating picture, showing administration officials anxiously struggling to follow orders from Trump himself despite concerns that the order could go against the national security interests of the United States and warnings from the Pentagon that it could be illegal.
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      Peggy Drexler: Why does Meghan get all the blame?

      Peggy Drexler
      January 11
      Isn't this what Britons wanted? From the moment Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement, the media has blasted and belittled her, hardly ever forgetting to identify her as a divorced American actress with a black mother...They ran her out of town and now they're mad she's leaving.
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      Madeleine Blais: The miracle Kobe Bryant saw

      Madeleine Blais
      January 31
      It is hard to look at the photos of Gianna, gazing at the father, feeling safe in his embrace, and knowing that she is no longer here to inherit his mantle. It is hard to look at the photos of Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa and his three other daughters, Natalia, Bianka and Capri, and know that he will not be there to champion them in their future pursuits.
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      Sonia Moghe: The Oscars ad that hits home for me is one you won't see

      Sonia Moghe
      February 9
      By stifling these realistic images of what the postpartum experience is like, we are making women feel inadequate if they aren't functioning normally and feeling well-put-together immediately after bringing a new human into the world. We are telling them they should be able to smile through the pain. What does it say to women giving birth -- or the partners who watch them struggle -- that an ad that offers them self-care products to cope with one of the most difficult times of many women's lives is "too graphic" for family viewers?
      This is, after all, what many people go through to make their families in the first place.
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      James Phillips: I'm an emergency doctor. I expect to get coronavirus

      James Phillips
      March 3
      As an emergency physician at an urban hospital in Washington, DC, this is personal. My colleagues and I will be on the front lines as American emergency agencies will soon likely experience a large and sustained surge of patients with Covid-19 concerns. The public should find comfort that health experts have been preparing for weeks. There is, however, still much work to be done.
      I will likely become infected in the next few months.
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      Michael D'Antonio: America has learned a lot about Trump during coronavirus crisis

      Michael D'Antonio
      March 14
      The level of crisis the country faces under this pandemic is new, and Trump's performance has been abysmal — and familiar. For example, tests are not widely available in part because the administration declined to use a World Health Organization testing regime, choosing instead to develop its own, which has not worked as well as expected, according to an investigation from ProPublica. This fateful decision, which squandered precious time, helps explain why other countries have been better at tracking the virus, and tracking is essential to limiting outbreaks.
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      Kent Sepkowitz: Why South Korea has so few coronavirus deaths while Italy has so many

      Kent Sepkowitz
      March 17
      Why does Korea, the poster child of testing, have so few deaths while Italy and its late-to-the-table testing program have so many? Is it only because more testing brings mild cases into the "infected" group, diluting the statistical impact of the handful of the very ill?
      Doubtful. For now, it is because of vast differences in the affected patients. Soon and increasingly, it also will be due to overwhelmed hospitals and doctors and nurses.
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      Elliot Williams: Donald Trump's single greatest accomplishment as president

      Elliot Williams
      March 18
      Nobody knows how much damage coronavirus will cause. But one thing is clear: the crisis has tested President Donald Trump -- and he has proven to be an astonishing success in a way no president ever has before.
      But let's be clear: his success isn't at leading a desperate nation. Instead, coronavirus has exposed the real success of the President's unyielding assault on the media during his time in office.
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      Vicky Ward: How the very rich are different in the Covid-19 fight

      Vicky Ward
      April 5
      Many don't realize they may be in a bubble of false security as the number of coronavirus infections spreads out into suburban and rural Long Island — including Suffolk County, home of the Hamptons — and other areas where the country's extremely wealthy have second homes.
      One hedge fund billionaire is at his ranch in Texas; another is isolating from other family members on a compound in Martha's Vineyard; a couple is in a villa on Harbour Island, Bahamas; an individual rented a yacht on the Long Island Sound ... and so on.
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