How the effort to vaccinate the elderly is going in some states

Nurses talk to 103-year-old Luz Collazo before she receives the Covid-19 vaccine at Miami Jewish Health, a senior health care facility, on December 28.

(CNN)As Covid-19 vaccines roll out across the US, some states are already offering shots to people other than health care workers and nursing home residents.

West Virginia recently announced it would start vaccinating some of its elderly population, joining states such as Tennessee, Nevada and Florida in expanding vaccine distribution.
Federal recommendations advise that the first round of vaccines be allocated to health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities, followed by adults aged 75 and older and "frontline essential workers." But, in reality, states are free to make their own decisions on who gets vaccinated when.
    Leaders in some states have argued that focusing on vaccinating elderly people rather than younger essential workers could help reduce the burdens on their health care systems.