Police arrest 2 people and fine 6 for violating Quebec's Covid-19 lockdown orders at a 7-person house party

Gatineau Police arrested two people at a New Year's Eve party that violated Quebec's Covid-19 lockdown protocols.

(CNN)Canadian police arrested two people after an illegal New Year's Eve party violated Quebec's Covid-19 lockdown protocols.

One man is expected to face charges of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, Gatineau police spokesperson Mariane Leduc said Sunday.
A woman was also arrested for refusing to identify herself, but she was released as soon as she complied, Leduc said. Police said it's possible the woman could face charges.
    Two officers responded to a house in Gatineau on Thursday night at around 11:30 p.m. after receiving a complaint about a party, Leduc said.
    She said two women answered the door and refused to cooperate with officers. They failed to present their IDs when asked by officers, which can lead to being charged with a crime, Leduc said.
    There were six adults and one child in the house at the time, but Quebec's current Covid-19 restrictions prohibit such gatherings. Leduc said a person who lives alone is allowed to join another family or, at most, receive one family for the holidays.
    A video taken by someone else in the house was posted to Twitter Friday and shows officers in a confrontation with a man in the doorway. Yelling can be heard in the background.
    Another male who was inside the house can be seen trying to hold the man back from being taken outside.
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