Indian priest and 'disciples' arrested for alleged gang rape and murder of woman

India's northern Uttar Pradesh state.

New Delhi (CNN)A Hindu priest and two of his male followers have been arrested for the alleged gang rape and murder of a 50-year-old woman in India's northern Uttar Pradesh state, local authorities said.

Police arrested the priest on Thursday night for the alleged rape and murder, which took place at a temple in the Budaun district on Sunday, according to district magistrate Kumar Prashant.
The two other men -- who are "disciples" of the priest -- were arrested on Wednesday, Prashant said.
    "(The victim) had gone to a temple in the neighboring village and that is where the (alleged) rape occurred," said Prashant, adding that the three accused men left the victim's body outside her home around midnight.
      "The family frequented the temple so the accused knew where the victim lived," Prashant said.
      The priest was arrested in a hut in a forest near his village, after the police received reports that he was hiding there, according to Prashant.
      The accused claimed that the victim had fallen into a well, and they helped her out and dropped her home while she was alive.
      However, the family stated that the woman was already dead when they found her body outside their home, Prashant said, citing Budaun police.
      "According to the post-mortem report, she died due to shock from excessive internal bleeding and her rib was fractured ... she also had injuries and lacerations to her private parts," Prashant said.
      All three men have been accused of gang rape and murder, senior district police official Sankalp Sharma told r