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A horrifying video from Wednesday’s Capitol riots showed an officer crushed between waves of a pro-Trump mob and officers defending the building.

During the confrontation, captured on video by investigative outlet Status Coup, one officer was pinned between a door and the masses of people.

At least one individual attempted to rip away the officer’s mask while he was wedged, as he screamed in agony.

The video panned over to the rioters, who chanted, “Heave, ho! Heave, ho!” while pushing further into the entryway.

The officer reenters the frame of the video stuck in the same position, now maskless and bloodied, screaming for help. A voice can be heard amid the fray, yelling, “Let him back, let him out!”

The officer eventually was able to free himself from the door. He appeared to answer in the affirmative when asked if he was OK. The condition of the officer is not known.

CNN spoke with the individual who shot the video, Jon Farina, who noted the clash between police and rioters was constant.

“There was no talking to them,” Farina said of the rioters. “They were going to get in there regardless of what was in their way.”

“Nothing really fazed them,” Farina said. “They just kept rotating in and out. They would say ‘We need fresh patriots.’”

Farina said police eventually repelled rioters from that location.

Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol left five people dead, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.