No limit to benefits of exercise when it comes to cardiovascular disease risk, study finds

Exercise may be even more crucial for the prevention of cardiovascular disease than previously thought, a new University of Oxford study has suggested.

(CNN)It has long been understood that being physically active is good for you, particularly when it comes to preventing things like heart attacks and strokes.

Physical exercise may be even more important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease than previously known -- and the more activity the better, a new large study led by the University of Oxford has suggested.
To measure physical activity, researchers in the United Kingdom got 90,211 individuals to wear an accelerometer (a small, lightweight motion sensor) on their wrist over a seven-day period between 2013 and 2015. The researchers tracked the participants' health for an average of five years.
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    Overall, there were 3,617 cases of cardiovascular disease diagnosed in the participants, who were part of the wider UK Biobank study of people between 40 and 69 years old. Cases of cardiovascular disease decreased among the participants as the amount of moderate and vigorous physical activity increased. What's more, there was no threshold where the effects of exercise stopped improving cardiovascular health, the study found. Those who