Razer's new face mask ventilates the air and amplifies your voice

The reusable mask features a microphone and amplifier to enhance the wearer's voice.

(CNN)Gaming equipment maker Razer has created a reusable face mask featuring a medical-grade respirator and an in-built microphone and amplifier.

Dubbed Project Hazel, the mask, which is currently a concept and not available to buy, addresses "the environmental issues of disposable masks, while enhancing the features of a multi-use personal protective covering," according to a press release from Razer, published Tuesday.
The company, a major hardware maker known for its computer mice and laptops, says the mask uses an N95 medical-grade respirator; detachable and rechargeable ventilators; and airflow regulators.
    The ventilators can be recharged and sanitized by putting them inside the wireless charging box, which features disinfecting UV lights.
    The company said the waterproof, scratch-resistant mask is made from recyclable plastics, reducing its environmental impact further.