The ongoing challenge of pandemic fatigue is hitting people hard

Vaccine distributions across the country are giving people suffering from pandemic fatigue some hope that better days are ahead.

(CNN)Nearly a year of ever-changing public safety guidelines with long days cooped up at home are wearing on many people.

People have been social distancing, wearing masks and skipping gatherings with friends and family in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
The pandemic, however, didn't stop many from traveling for the holidays despite guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep up with social distancing. At least 1,327,289 people passed through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints on January 3, the highest since March 15 of last year.
    Dr. Neelima Denduluri says pandemic fatigue has negatively impacted her everyday life, whether it's worrying that she's an asymptomatic carrier when seeing her patients or struggling to facilitate online learning for her children.
    "By the time I got home late, I wasn't necessarily the most mentally alert, nor were (my children), to help them make sure that their stuff got done," said Denduluri, a medical oncologist at Virginia Cancer Specialists in Arlington.