Rebecca Smith opened three computers as she tried to find a vaccine appointment for her elderly parents. This photo has been blurred by CNN to protect personal data that appeared on the computer screens.

It's chaos as older people struggle to get a Covid-19 vaccine. Here is what you can do

Updated 2143 GMT (0543 HKT) January 19, 2021

(CNN)Nancy Wilkinson knows her way around the internet. Retired from a career in IT support, the 66-year-old was unfazed by the hurdles her Decatur, Georgia, neighbors and friends faced as they struggled to schedule appointments for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Nancy Wilkinson (left) and her wife Susan Phillips (right) were lucky to snag one of the few early appointments for Covid-19 vaccine.
Acting on a Sunday 4:30 a.m. email request to register, Wilkinson snagged an appointment last week for her wife, Susan, and herself just after Georgia announced that it was moving to Phase 1B of the phased rollout. That meant the vaccine would now be available to the state's 1.4 million seniors 65 and over, including Wilkinson. Yet her social media feed was filled with frustrated folks unable to find a shot anywhere.
"More than that, I have so many friends who are trying to make appointments for their elderly parents in other states and the information out there is just completely, totally confusing," Wilkinson said. "It's hard to find the freaking information if you don't live online like I do."
In Florida, where 4.2 million people over 65 reside, Rebecca Smith recently huddled over three computers trying to schedule a vaccine appointment for her parents, Murray and Toby Simon, who are in their late 70s.
"The county said everybody go online at 2 p.m. on a Monday get a slot for an appointment to get your vaccines and before 2 p.m. even hit, the website crashed and you couldn't get on," Smith said. "This happened for two weeks, an