Police say Orlando waitress saved boy from abuse with note asking if he needed help

A waitress reached out to a boy with this note.

(CNN)An 11-year-old boy was removed from his home and his parents are in jail after police say an Orlando waitress noticed something was wrong and used a note to ask him if he needed help.

Flavaine Carvalho was not scheduled to work a shift at the Mrs. Potato restaurant on New Year's Day but someone called in sick, so she filled in, her boss Rafaela Cabede said during a press conference Thursday afternoon.
It had been busy the rest of the day since it was a holiday, but things had slowed down finally and that family was the last table of the night, she said.
Timothy Wilson II and Kristen Swann were arrested on allegations of child abuse.
"We truly believe that this was a holy provision, and we were very blessed that we were able to help this child," Cabede explained.
"Because of her, two children... were saved," Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon said at the press conference. "We probably would have been talking about a potential homicide investigation if she had not intervened when she did."
Carvalho said the boy was wearing a mask and hoodie as he sat at the table along with two adults and a young girl.
Although she couldn't see much, Carvalho said she noticed that he had a scratch in between in his eyebrows and that he did not order anything and wasn't eating, even though food had been brought to the table.

'You don't deny food for a kid'

Carvalho said she thought it was strange that the child wasn't eating and that he was quiet while the others were talking and playing.
She asked the table if their food and drinks were OK. When the one of the adults replied that the boy would eat his dinner at home, Carvalho said she began to think something else was going on.
"You don't deny food for a kid, especially in a restaurant," Carvalho said.
She then saw bruising on the side of the boy's face and arm and decided to see what she could do to help him.
"I just thought I need to do something," Carvalho explained. "I could not see him go away without any help."
Caravalho wrote a note asking the boy if he was OK and stood behind the parents where they couldn't see.
The boy nodded no. "I knew it -- that he is afraid or he is not comfortable saying that he needs help," Carvalho said.
So she decided to write another note.
This one said, "Do you need help?" Carvalho said the boy nodded yes and "made a movement with his hands showing he didn't know what to do."
Carvalho called her boss and then called 911.