New medical report may shed light on Adama Traoré's death in police custody

People hold a portrait picture of Adama Traore and wear T-shirts reading "Justice for Adama" on July 22, 2016.

Paris (CNN)The family lawyer for Adama Traoré, a Black Frenchman who died while being apprehended by Paris police in 2016, says a new medical report supports the possibility that Traoré's death was linked to police treatment during the arrest.

The report​, which was commissioned by judges examining the case, concluded that the 24-year-old's death was due to heat stroke that could have been aggravated by the gendarmes' maneuvers, Traoré family lawyer Yassine Bouzrou said.
    The report has not been made public and CNN has not seen the full report.
    According to Bouzrou, the report found that Traoré's immobilization and handcuffing likely contributed to his asphyxiation.
    The new medical report was commissioned in July 2020, the latest in a succession of conflicting reports on the cause of Traoré's death.
    A 2018 medical assessment requested by Traoré's family found that he likely died of positional asphyxia induced by the g