San Diego Zoo gorillas make full recovery from Covid-19

Winston, an elderly silverback gorilla, is one of eight gorillas that have recovered from Covid-19 at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

(CNN)Several gorillas are back in public view for visitors at the San Diego Zoo after making a full recovery from Covid-19, according to an update from the zoo.

Eight western lowland gorillas caught the West Coast variant of the virus, despite employees adhering to all recommended biosecurity precautions, zoo officials said.
A surge of Covid-19 cases in California in December and January included the variant that experts say may be more contagious than other strands of the virus.
    All eight gorillas at the zoo were secluded after the diagnosis on January 11, with some showing symptoms that included "mild coughing, congestion, nasal discharge and intermittent lethargy," the zoo said in an online update.
      "The gorillas were infected with the B.1.429 lineage of the coronavirus, which has been prevalent in California and may be more contagious than other strains," according to the zoo.
      Zoo officials credit the gorillas' recuperation to "the highest standard of care" offered by the zoo's veterinary team, wildlife care professionals, and a collaboration with a wide array of colleagues and partners.
      Winston, an elderly silverback gori