Handforth Parish Council had another Zoom meeting, and it was even worse than the viral original

The second meeting descended into even deeper disarray than the first.

London (CNN)When members of an English town's local government committee met to discuss planning matters before Christmas, they had little idea that their Zoom call would become the cinematic event of the decade.

But on Wednesday, still recovering from their reluctant brush with fame, members of Handforth Parish Council convened again to give the people what they wanted: A sequel.
The group's first meeting went viral around the world earlier this month thanks to its enthralling dysfunction, petty disagreements and Machiavellian maneuvers, as councilors vied for power and senior officials were dramatically ousted to the virtual waiting room.
    Their follow-up meeting was widely anticipated. And, if possible, it unraveled into deeper chaos still, as members of the public butted in and the main characters reckoned with their newfound celebrity.
    But it was notably missing the lead character from the original -- Jackie Weaver, an adviser to local councils, who won plaudits for rebuffing the abuse of some members, booting the council's chairman Brian Tolver from the discussion and claiming the moniker "Britney Spears" for herself in the process.
    And, if the original call was "The Godfather" of Zoom debacles, the follow-up felt more like "Grease 2" or "Jaws 3-D," largely absent of the organic humor of the first iteration thanks to the frequent interjections of members of the public desperately trying and failing to land a joke.
    Weaver told CNN on Thursday she was "saddened" by the public's interruptions. But her verdict on some of the officials was equally tough.
    "I fear that at least one of the councilors not present last night remains unrepentant and Councilor Tolver did not seem to accept any responsibility for the events of that evening in December," she said.
    CNN has contacted Tolver for comment. He told PA Media after the first meeting that Weaver "had no status to speak other than when invited," adding: "I have reason to be angry."
    "I have not experienced similar behavior in other councils," Weaver told CNN, reflecting on the first meeting -- "although in local democracy, debate can get quite heated."

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