Founder of LGBTQI center shut down in Ghana says he fears for his safety

The LGBTI+ community center in Accra, Ghana, was raided and shut down by police Wednesday.

(CNN)A recently-opened center for the LGBTQI+ community in Ghana, has been shut down after it was raided by security forces in the West African country Wednesday.

Alex Kofi Donkor, who heads the center named 'LGBT+ Rights Ghana' in the country's capital, Accra, told CNN Thursday that he is now concerned for his safety after the raid.
"I just contacted our lawyers, there is an unsafe situation right now, and I need to go offline," Donkor told CNN.
    The community center -- which opened on January 31 in a ceremony attended by a delegation of the European Union and other foreign embassies -- faced opposition from the start and attracted a lot of anger among locals who called for it to be closed down.
      Ghana proscribes same-sex relationships and intolerance and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people has remained rife among Ghana's population, Human Rights Watch said.
      Being in a same-sex relationship in Ghana's LGBT can attract between three to 25 years in prison, according to the country's penal code.
      A spokesman for Ghana Police Service declined to comment on the shutdown of the not-for-profit center, described as a movement "championing the fight for freedom for LGBT+ persons in Ghana."
      Although short-lived, the center would remain in "hearts and minds," Donkor posted on his social media page.
      "We anticipated this," he posted. "We will triumph. The police may have raided our office and closed it down but the real office is in our hearts, and minds."
      The country is one of more than 30 countries