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That didn’t take long. Non-Fungible tokens, or NFTs — digital artworks and collectibles that have been transformed into verifiable assets — are all the rage in the crypto world. Now even Charmin is getting in on the trend.

The toilet paper company has put five pieces of digital art up for bidding, and has dubbed the works NFTPs, “the world’s first Non-Fungible Toilet Paper.” Anyone can place a bid on the pieces, which include decorated rolls of TP as well as images of the brand’s bear mascots. All but .01% of each sale will go to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid nonprofit.

Bids for the NFTPs so far range from $500 to $2,100 and can be posted on Rarible, a website that facilitates the creation and sale of digital collectibles on the blockchain.

Charmin isn’t the only brand that’s seizing on the buzzy cryptocurrency phenomenon. The news website Quartz is selling the first-ever NFT news article, and on Wednesday, Pizza Hut Canada announced a “non-fungible pizza.”

Charmin has a history of jumping on trends to generate buzz. Last year, it released a Bluetooth-enabled robot that delivers toilet paper straight to the bathroom when users run out. The company also offers an app called SitOrSquat that helps locate public restrooms.