The shameful vote by 172 Republicans

Members of women's groups hold a rally on Capitol Hill in support of reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act in June 2012.

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(CNN)On Wednesday, with the nation still reeling from news of the horrific shooting rampage in Atlanta that took the lives of eight people, seven of them women, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Woman Act (VAWA). Yet 172 House Republicans voted no on extending this landmark law, effectively choosing to protect a man's right to buy a gun over protecting the life of a woman.

Dean Obeidallah
The law, co-authored in 1994 by then-Sen. Joe Biden and last reauthorized in 2013, was designed to protect women from domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking through a wide array of programs, from creating a national domestic violence hotline to funding shelters for women to providing training on gender-based violence. The law, which has been re-authorized various times to update and expand protections over the years, expired in 2019 after the GOP controlled Senate at the time refused to consider the measure but Congress still appropriated temporary funding for the programs/grants under the purview of the VAWA. The need for this law to be reauthorized is even mo