Negative words impact children's negative opinions of others, study finds

Children who overheard negative words about a fictional group were more likely to have a negative attitude toward that group compared to children who did not overhear anything.

(CNN)It turns out children really are listening to what you say.

Children who overheard someone saying negative words about a particular group of people developed negative biases toward them, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Child Development.
A group of 121 children ages 4 through 9 were split into smaller groups where they either overheard a child or adult say negative claims about a fictional group of people called "Flurps" or "Gearoos" or where they heard nothing negative.
    The children were engaged in an unrelated activity when an adult in the room opened a pre-recorded video call, which is how the children indirectly overheard either negative messages about one of the two fictional groups or no negative messages at all.