Stephanie Mansour, host of PBS' "Step It Up With Steph," shares a simple stretch routine to help alleviate chronic aches and stiffness from sitting at the computer all day long.

5 exercises to combat chronic aches from too much computer time

Updated 0710 GMT (1510 HKT) March 30, 2021

(CNN)With virtual classes and at-home work, it's no wonder why many people are experiencing more pain in the neck and back than usual. Sitting in a chair all day, your back slouched and neck bent, is just not good for you. Period.

It's important to remain in motion throughout the day. I recommend scheduling a quick stretching routine a few times during the workday.
Otherwise, it's all too easy to get caught up in what you're doing and forget to listen to your body. Ideally, you'd get up from your chair every hour, but even stretching a bit every once in a while helps.
Excessive computer use is associated with neck pain, research has shown. And with pandemic safety measures ongoing in most US states, this means the large numbers of folks working remotely are all more susceptible to stiffness and aches.
Even without the increase in computer use, neck pain is cited as the second most common musculoskeletal disorder. But there are plenty of ways to address chronic pain from computer overload and start feeling better.
I've prepared this stretch routine of circular motions to help you combat any stiffness from too much sedentary screen time. These simple exercises address different parts of your body, relieving tension and allowing you to feel loose again.

Arm circles

Slouching down the shoulders is common when working at a computer. You might not even notice you're doing it.
Arm circles help address shoulder stiffness and will get your blood flowing after sitting down for a while. This move is also a great way to engage your back. With this circular movement, you're stretching your back as well as your shoulders while simultaneously getting in a quick arm workout.