Eat like an astronaut (or a TikTok star) with these tortilla hacks

Expedition 51 Commander Peggy A. Whitson shows off the burger she prepared using a tortilla on the International Space Station in 2017. Try these tortilla hacks, inspired by astronaut fare.

(CNN)For astronauts aboard the International Space Station, sourdough is off-limits and whole wheat is out of bounds.

It's not because anyone is on a gluten-free diet, however. Tortillas are preferred over bread in a weightless environment because they don't crumble and leave crumbs floating around, according to NASA.
Since the astronauts don't have the luxury of a fully stocked pantry on the space station, their favorite tortilla uses lean toward simple sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly, burritos, and as burger wraps.
    An Expedition 32 crew member enjoys a stuffed tortilla on the space station in 2012.
    Here on Earth, however, we can shoot for the stars with creative ways to use tortillas in our meals. Inspired by the astronauts' habit of making tortillas part of their regular repertoire, here are six creative ideas for making tortillas way more than a Taco Tuesday go-to.
      These supersimple hacks are versatile, customizable, and a fun way to switch up some of your favorite everyday dishes. They are also so easy that you don't even need a real recipe to make any of them -- just follow your cravings.

      TikTok quesadilla hack

      Tortillas got a moment in the social media spotlight earlier this year when the "quesadilla hack" hit TikTok. This is a way to stuff four different foods into one quesadilla by a method of folding and stacking. (We like to give credit where credit is due, but many different TikTok stars are given credit for this hack.)
        Sometimes nothing beats a quesadilla. Put a spin on your stack by trying the TikTok hack.
        Place a flour tortilla on a cutting board and cut a slice in the tortilla from the center to the bottom edge, as if you were slicing the radius of a circle. Then place four different fillings onto the tortilla, one in each quadrant. Make sure one filling is cheese or a spreadable ingredient like peanut butter, so the quesadilla will glue itself together.
        Starting with the bottom right, fold the first quarter up over the second quarter so the first and second fillings touch. Continue folding counterclockwise until you have a stacked triangle. Pan-fry as you would a regular quesadilla and enjoy the taste sensation.
        As for what fillings you can combine in this quesadilla hack, the options are endless. Try a BLT quesadilla