President Biden is hosting a two-day virtual summit of world leaders starting today, which coincides with Earth Day, to address the global climate crisis. He committed the United States to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 50%-52% below its 2005 emissions levels by 2030.
Biden opens global climate summit: 'This is a moral imperative'
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President Joe Biden will embark upon his first foreign trip in June, the White House said on Friday, with plans to attend the Group of 7 summit in southwestern England and diplomatic meetings in Brussels.

Any president’s first venture abroad is closely watched for its symbolic nod to foreign policy priorities. Biden’s plans amount to a sign that after a tumultuous period under President Donald Trump, transatlantic ties are at the forefront of his agenda.

Despite his long-standing interest in foreign policy, Biden hasn’t yet ventured outside the United States since becoming president, as Covid-19 limited travel overseas. Typically, new presidents begin foreign travel a few months into office.

But as vaccinations ramp up in the US and abroad, aides are laying plans for Biden to leave the country.

This year’s G7 summit is hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and will be held along the Cornish coast. Biden has engaged with the other leaders in the group by telephone, in virtual meetings and in one in-person visit with Japan’s prime minister. But the summit will be his first time greeting them all together in person.